Are you interested in starting a new career in this exciting field of security but don't have the certification or education yet? Be sure to register for our in-house security guard training course.


Find out when the next training class is by contacting our Head Office at 519-746-1970 or by sending an email.




  • Security Guard Course / Private Investigator Course.

  • WHMIS / First Aid.

  • Customer Relations / Retention / Representing our clients professionally

  • Para-verbal Communication

  • Crisis Intervention (non-violent) / De-escalating situations

  • Supervisor Training.

  • Health & Safety.

  • Due Diligence / Duty of Care.

  • Hand Cuff & Baton training.

  • Loss prevention / Criminal Code of Canada.

  • Evidence Handling / Preparing for Court.

  • Submitting Evidence / Report Writing / Recording Statements.

  • Radio Codes & Procedures.

  • Sensitivity Training / Special needs groups.

  • Access Control / Escorting persons.

  • Surveillance.

  • Citizen Arrest / Use of Force / using the National Use of Force Guidelines

  • Performing Proper Patrols

  • Civil and Criminal Negligence / Trespass to Property Act.

  • Dealing with Persons under the influence of drugs and/or Alcohol.


Note: Tone-Gar does not believe in training a security guard once. Most courses must be re-certified yearly with follow up supervision. All of our courses run between 4 hours and 50 hours depending on the course. We understand the importance of hands on training; therefore, we do not offer an online training course. Our instructors teach required training material and provide real examples.




At Tone-Gar, we offer Ministry approved training courses.

  • Security Guard - 40 hours - $325.00 (including HST) - First Aid/CPR component included

  • Private Investigator - 50 hours - $440.00 (including HST)


*Cost includes course materials



  • Ability to report without opinions only facts.

  • Report writing.

  • Dealing with public directly and indirectly.

  • Stress Management.

  • Dealing with risks and dangers (limiting the amount depending on the job on hand).

  • Ensure you have proper rest between shifts ( An employer shall give an employee a period of at least eight hours free from the performance of work between shifts unless the total time worked on successive shifts does not exceed 13 hours or unless the employer and the employee agree otherwise.)




  • Read & Write (English and/or French), reports

  • Ability to perform “patrols”

  • Attention to detail(s)

  • Adapting to the general public 

  • Prioritizing work

  • Adapting to emergencies

  • Ability to work alone or with others

  • Respecting others without prejudice

  • Ability to separate opinions with facts

  • Ability to work without prejudice

  • Comply with all Canadian laws (knowledge of laws that apply).

  • Emergency First Aid & CPR

  • Ability to communicate (with the desired outcome).



 A – Provide a safe and protected environment for all of our employees at work.

 B – To Provide and Maintain, a high standard of professional Security Work setting the Industry standard.


The Goal is to provide the highest level of Security Services in the most professional manner!



Did you know that if you have more than 5 employees according to Regulation 1101 (Link)You must have 1 employee per shift trained in Standard First Aid. Frontline Trauma Services can help you meet these requirements by providing you with the WSIB approved courses that can be tailor made for your company needs.


First Aid Ministry Approved Training Courses:

  • Standard Rate - $50 (plus HST)

  • Emergency First Aid Corporate Rate - 10+ people - $75 (plus HST)

  • Standard First Aid Corporate Rate - 10+ people - $100 (plus HST)





  • Our instructors have been teaching for over 20 years.

  • Our courses are flexible – we will train you according to your schedule.

  • Our courses are valid for three years.

  • Courses can be customized to meet the specific needs of your company.

  • All of our courses meet WSIB criteria.

Training Room 

Please note that local training will typically take place in the training centre located at head office. Tone-Gar has a secure room available at our head office location. We believe that on-going training is a vital component in providing the best quality guards.

When necessary, our instructors travel to other locations to complete training.



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